Big box stores are watching you

Once the retailer has a phone number, they have an identity.

We all feel violated when companies dig deeper into your pockets than you want.  New technology is letting brick-and-mortar stores invade shoppers’ pockets for personal information more than ever before. Retailers have unprecedented access to shoppers’ habits with the stores ability to track customers cell phones. They can track how frequently a customer visits a store to how long he stands at a window display before deciding whether or not to enter the shop.

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Botanists Create a List of Every Plant Known to Man


The list to end all lists?

A team of botanists have unveiled a new research tool which aims to settle one of the field’s most basic of complications; there are some 375,000 plant species on Earth, but they’re known by a whopping 1.25 million names. To help ease the taxonomic disparity and consolidate the world of botanical studies, an international team of researchers have compiled an extensive ‘Plant List’ — containing every species known to man, and the various names they’re known by.

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Intelligent Bridge Monitoring System To Prevent Tragedies

Intelligent Bridge Monitoring System To Prevent Tragedies

Smart bridges will know when they are in trouble 

From mundane traffic overpasses to marvelous feats of soaring engineering, bridges are something we tend to take for granted – until something goes wrong that is. A team from the University of Michigan is leading a five-year, $19 million project to engineer an intelligent infrastructure monitoring system designed to prevent tragedies like the collapse of the Interstate 35 West bridge over the Mississippi river in 2007 in which 13 people were killed and 145 were injured.

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