Steve Blank: The unexpected reason why people start their own companies


A controversial study suggests that people become entrepreneurs because they realize they’re worth more than their resumes.

If you asked me why I gravitated to startups rather than work in a large company I would have answered at various times: “I want to be my own boss,” “I love risk,” “I want flexible work hours,” “I want to work on tough problems that matter,” “I have a vision and want to see it through,” “I saw a better opportunity and grabbed it. …”

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3 critical factors wearables need to be successful


Next generation of wearables needs to focus more on keeping users engaged in the long-term.

Companies such as Sony, Pebble, Meta, LG, Garmin, Razer and others introduced at least 10 new wearable devices at CES in January. Yet despite the enthusiasm in the market, the dirty secret of wearables remains: almost all of the current generation of products fail to drive long-term, sustained engagement and behavior change.



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Motivation Affects IQ Scores as Well as Intelligence


IQ scores reflect motivation as well as intelligence.

A new study suggests that if you want to improve your child’s chances of getting into Mensa then bribe them during their IQ test.  Offering a financial reward for doing well on an IQ test can increase their score by up to 20 points on the scale where the average is 100 and Mensa membership is around 150, according to scientists.


Consider What Your “Top Idea” is Making You Do

shower head 76543

Ideas often come to people in the shower.

Essayist and programmer Paul Graham realized that the idea one thinks about when allowed to think freely—in the shower, for example—is more than just a quiet obsessions. It’s a “Top idea,” and it influences every other thought, too. Here’s how…

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The Ab Solo – Helps Chisel Out Those Six-Pack Abs

The Ab Solo - Helps Chisel Out Those Six-Pack Abs 

Exercising regularly in a specific pattern can only get monotonous and hence most of us lose interest over a period of time. It is thus always advisable to include a few changes from time to time in order to make the workout regime more interesting. This not only helps in rebuilding motivation but also challenges the body to gear up and shed the flab. In my personal experience of sweating it out at a local gym for years, I have realized that losing weight isn’t as tough as getting six-pack abs. That’s where the Ab Solo can step in, to help you chisel out an spectacular abdomen. This latest abdomen and core training gear seems to be the hottest addition in the arena of fitness training. Joe and Chris Arsenault’s idea has shaped up well to make way for an exceptional abdominal, cardio, as well as core muscle workout without the help of any human assistance.

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