Why the antioxidant myth is too easy to swallow

‘Blueberries best be eaten because they taste good, not because their consumption will lead to less cancer.’

Are people hooked on a fallacy that antioxidant is a byword for healthy?  Is it because the truth is less appealing? A controversial Nobel laureate has stated in a peer-reviewed paper he described as “among my most important work”, that antioxidant supplements “may have caused more cancers than they have prevented”.



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The serial entrepreneur myth

serial entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who starts a number of new businesses.

When it comes to learning about startups, that landscape is largely made up of the books you would find in the average library,  They are books about “how to deal with your company finances”, “10 steps to marketing success” and other dispiriting works, along with more inspiring but largely useless biographies of successful businessmen.

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Overnight success a myth

overnight success

There can be years of decisions, learning, analysis, thought and effort to become an “overnight success”.

Rovio spent eight years and almost went bankrupt before finally creating their massive hit Angry Birds.  It was their 52nd game they had created. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites in history, but struggled for a long time. Pinterest’s CEO recently said that they had “catastrophically small numbers” in their first year after launch, and that if he had listened to popular startup advice he probably would have quit.

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