Face-to-face networking meetings work best


There is no substitute for gaining someone’s full attention than to meet them face-to-face.

Everyone likes being efficient. And most people feel somewhat awkward in meeting new people. So, most people in a job search try to do their “networking” online and over the phone. It seems more efficient in being able to get to more people faster, and it’s less intimidating to send someone an email than to meet face-to-face.



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Five signs coworking is a good idea for you


The Vault

The traditional office has become less important as more people work via mobile phone and a laptop computer, and coworking is becoming a popular alternative.  Members get many of the benefits of office life — a community, a work environment, and meeting spaces — without giving up the freedom of working on their own schedules.


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Socialnomics – The Impact of Social Media Around the World


Social Media Revolution 2 – Based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

A fascinating, research-based look at the impact of social media on businesses and consumers around the world, and what’s in store for the future.


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Only 4% of Americans Actually Use Location-based Services


Few Americans actually use location-based services.

Location-based services get a fair amount of attention in the media. But just 4% of online Americans actually take advantage of services such as Gowalla or Foursquare that allow them to share their location with friends or to find other people who are nearby. So say the findings of a telephone survey on use of location-based services released Thursday by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.


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Defining The Ages of Social Networking Users

social net chart 111

Royal Pingdom conducted a study of the age distribution of different social networking sites. It’s often middle-aged people who dominate the user bases of these sites:

Although we can’t say how this will change over time, at the moment the older generations are for one reason or another (tech savvy, interest, etc.) not using social networking sites to a large extent. This probably reflects general internet usage, but we suspect the difference is enhanced when it comes to the social media sphere where site usage tends to be more frequent and time-consuming than usual.

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Hilarious Social Media Venn Diagram



A Venn diagram showing the psychological forces at work among users of social networking tools – a new shirt from the comedy geniuses at Despair, Inc. I like to use the shirt like a dart board when I start my day to determine how to behave in each networking situation…

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Tweet On The Street

Tweet On The Street

Social networking has become the new frontier for public relations 

The sign of the times that was the late February shutdown of the Rocky Mountain News is the result of a long-brewing sea change in the public’s media-consumption habits. It follows that it also represents a sea change in public relations. Less newsprint and fewer newsrooms make for less opportunity for companies to get exposure in traditional media.
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