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DaVinci Institute – The Vault – Power Networking

There’s networking….  then there’s power networking.  The DaVinci Institute in Louisville, Colorado is in the latter camp.  Think of it as a high octane pool of movers and shakers in the world of entrepreneurs, inventors, business people, and artisans. (Pics)


Celebrating the holidays

Launched in 1997 as a non-profit, futurist think tank, the DaVinci Institute has emerged as a center of visionary thought, attracting a global following of idea junkies and business leaders.  The Institute set its sights on producing tangible results rather than theoretical musings.  The founders wanted to unlock the future one idea, one invention, and one business at a time.


Front entrance

Membership has its privileges and the Institute is no exception.  In this case it delivers the opportunity to develop relationships with people helping shaping the world.  A regular schedule of networking events allows members and non-members alike the chance to exchange ideas and connect with mentors and coaches capable of unlocking opportunity.


Typical event at The Vault

Beyond the event schedule, the Institute also offers up The Vault which is a vibrant colony of energetic, savvy telecommuters, freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business people, and more.  Shared work space, amenities, and coffee are available with a day pass (nomad space) to monthly private suite memberships depending on your requirements.  If ever there was a rich culture in which to grow a powerful network for career purposes, the Davinci Institute is it.


Coworking space at The Vault




Futurist Thomas Frey with Jeanne McAtee





Fully engaged class at the DaVinci Institute