Home births in the U.S. rise by 30%


Home births are still rare in the United States but it is a growing trend.

Jessica Wilcox thinks her in-laws still view her ideas about childbirth as kind of out there, but it’s hard to argue with success: In the last five years or so, Wilcox has given birth to two boys and two girls — each weighing more than 10 pounds — at her northern Virginia home. And she hopes to do it again one or two more times.

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Study Finds Newborn Mice’s Hearts Can Heal Themselves


Researchers worked with mice and found that if a portion of the heart was removed within the first week of life, the heart grew back completely.

An adult zebra fish can regenerate a damaged heart with no scar formation. This remarkable phenomenon has been seen in other fish and amphibians as well, but never before in a mammal.


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‘Baby Brain’ a Myth – Women’s Brains Actually Grow During Motherhood

 baby brain

Struggling to deal with the dreaded ‘baby brain’? Well, apparently it’s all in your mind!

The popular belief that women’s minds turn to mush during pregnancy and birth is completely wrong and their grey matter actually increases, they say. “Baby brain” is a myth scientists have claimed after discovering women’s brains actually grow during motherhood.


Parents of New Babies Miss 6 Months’ of Sleep in the First Two Years

baby crying

New parents miss 6 months’ of sleep in two years.

Parents of new babies miss out on six months worth of sleep in the first two years of their child’s life, according to a study.  Most get less than four hours uninterrupted rest a night because of crying offspring.


Xenon Gas Given to Baby to Prevent Brain Damage a World First


Sarah and Dave Joyce with their newborn baby son Riley, who became the first baby born in the world with the help of Xenon gas.

A British hospital has become the first in the world to give xenon gas to a stricken newborn baby to prevent it suffering brain injury.  Riley Joyce was given the inert gas, xenon, to breathe when he was born suffering from the effects of a lack of oxygen.


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‘Brain Washing’ Technique Could Reduce Disability In Newborn Babies

Baby brainwashing

A new treatment known as ‘brain washing’ could dramatically reduce disability in newborn babies. The process involves removing toxic fluid potentially harmful to infants born early and suffering from large brain haemorrhages.

The technique, pioneered by doctors in Bristol, reduces the pressure put on the brain and for the first time has been shown to benefit newborn babies suffering from the condition.

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Transplanted Stem Cells Undo Birth Defects

Transplanted Stem Cells Undo Birth Defects 

 Neural stem cells, tagged green with a fluorescent dye, have been transplanted among the brain cells (red) of a mouse born with brain damage after its mother was given heroin during pregnancy.

By injecting stem cells directly into the brain, scientists have successfully reversed neural birth defects in mice whose mothers were given heroin during pregnancy. Even though most of the transplanted cells did not survive, they induced the brain’s own cells to carry out extensive repairs.

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