UK gets more electricity from offshore wind farms than all other countries combined


The UK is currently far ahead of countries like the US and China.

The UK doesn’t get enough credit for its pioneering work in offshore wind power. They have helped push forward the industry and everybody else will benefit from these advances, in the same way that Germany helped turbocharge the solar industry over the past decade and now everybody benefits from cheaper solar power.


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Wind turbine loft living not for the faint of heart

Wind loft

Are you looking for a place where you can get away from it all?  The designers at  Morphocode ave come up with a futuristic-looking loft space.  They have combined the age-old concept of lighthouse-style dwellings and the forward-thinking fields of offshore wind turbines. (Photos)



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Your guide to offshore banks that may be right for you

The number of offshore banks where savers can keep their money and receive good rates is dwindling.

People trying to save are having a tough time at the moment.  It is very difficult to get a real return on savings because of low interest rates and relatively high inflation.  And there’s still the question of safety: the banking crisis which left millions of savers worrying about the security of their banks was only a few years ago.



Need for technical training grows as more big companies in the U.S. plan to ‘onshore’ jobs

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Ten years ago, offshoring manufacturing jobs to China looked like the perfect way to cut costs.  But now companies that manufacture everything from computers to car parts are returning to the United States in growing numbers.  The country needs to invest in more vocational and technical training programs so millions of jobless factory workers are equipped with the skills to benefit from this trend, say labor economists.

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Julian Assange Pledged to Reveal Confidential Tax Details of 2,000 Wealthy People


Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, today pledged to make public the confidential tax details of 2,000 wealthy and prominent individuals, after being passed the data by a Swiss banker who claims the information potentially reveals instances of money-laundering and large-scale illegal tax evasion.


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Artificial Reef Will Allow Deceased To Sleep With The Fishes

Concrete-balls reef
Behold The Concrete Bereavement Balls
A new take on the old mafia euphemism about sleeping with the fishes is planned off the Dorset coast, where the ashes of the sea-loving departed will soon be encased in concrete balls to nuzzle with the lobsters in an artificial offshore reef. The proposal, given planning permission by the county council this week and approved by the Crown Estate, which owns the seabed, will see a kilometre-square area off Ringstead Bay near Portland given over to a series of reefs which will include at least one decommissioned navy ship, possibly HMS Southampton, the type 42 destroyer laid off last year, for divers to explore.

House on the Water by Formodesign


House on the Water

Our friends from formodesign sent us House on the Water, a self-sufficient house for nomadic life offshore. Designed as a rental house for people who want to be independent it’s available only through water. It is located by Navagio beach, NW coast of the Greek Zante island. (Pics)


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Floating Wind Farms Coming

Floating Wind Farms Coming

Offshore wind-farm developers would love to build in deep water more than 32 kilometers from shore, where stronger and steadier winds prevail and complaints about marred scenery are less likely. But building foundations to support wind turbines in water deeper than 20 meters is prohibitively expensive. Now, technology developers are stepping up work in floating turbines to make such farms feasible. (w/pics)
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