China’s one-child policy stifles innovation: Study

China’s one-child law may be stifling its citizens’ innovation.

Development of a child can greatly be influenced by the number of siblings they have. But what happens when you have an entire nation of only children? China’s one-child law indicates that the policy may be stifling its citizens’ innovative instincts because single children born under the law there are less likely to be competitive, are more pessimistic, and less inclined to take risks, according to a new study. Those were the findings of researchers from Monash University in Australia.



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China’s one-child policy a boon for Chinese girls

Girls in China

Two girls practice handstands before a diving training session at the centre of China’s State Physical Training Administration.

Mia Wang, a freshman at Tsinghua University has confidence to spare.  Asked what her home city of Benxi in China’s far northeastern tip is famous for, she flashes a cool smile and says: “Producing excellence. Like me.”


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