NEC’s ultra-thin organic battery is just 0.3mm thick


NEC’s organic radical battery (ORB)

NEC has been working on the “organic radical battery” (ORB) technology for some years, but has now announced its latest ORB breakthrough, the 0.3mm thick ORB. The output rated as 5kW/L with a capacity of 3mAh, according to On a full charge, the new battery prototype can refresh a screen 2,000 times. A recharge takes under a minute, about 30 seconds. The new batteries maintain 75 percent of their charge-discharge after 500 charges.

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World’s Largest Web-Spinning Spider Found


A new giant orb spider has been discovered in South Africa.

A new giant spider – which has huge five-inch females and tiny males – has been discovered by scientists.  The female of the new species of golden orb weaver spider has a body one and a half inches long with a leg span of five inches and weaves a web more than three feet wide.


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