Going Paperless Is Not As Green As We Might Think


Digital may not be as eco-friendly as we think

The debate on whether or not going green means going paperless is still a hot one. While digitizing much of our once-printed media saves on tree pulp, it doesn’t necessarily save trees. A new article from GreenBiz calls into question just how much more environmentally friendly – if at all – our digital world is over our printed one and if it actually leads towards more deforestation. Highlighting how the talk about digital being an eco-friendly alternative for paper is all too often just empty chatter, digital media is shown to be just as guilty of killing trees.

Paperless Fax Machine


 This Better Have A Huge Data Storage System With All Of The Faxing That Occurs In Today’s Society

In this day and age, it’s kind of shocking that fax machines still exist. But exist they do, and some people insist on still using them. If you still need to deal with people who require faxes but don’t feel like dealing with the paper waste that comes with it, the new paperless Panasonic fax machine should keep you going through to the fax machine’s inevitable death.

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