Inflatable trampoline bridge across the River Seine

Trampoline bridge

Currently, there are 37 bridges spanning the River Seine in Paris.  There may be room for one more that is very different than the rest.  It is inflatable and comprised of three huge trampolines. Such a bridge may not be practical, but it would be fun, and no doubt become something of a tourist attraction in a city already blessed with an abundance of tourist attractions. Such a bridge exists, at least in the form of a concept design by Paris-based architectural studio Atelier Zündel Cristea. (Pics)




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Paris launches a vehicle sharing program with 3,000 electric cars


Paris is innovating again.

When Paris’ now famous bike share system Velib’ in 2007, it was a pioneer in the field. Now similar programs are popping up in major cities all over the world, and Paris is looking to break the mold again. This week the City launched Autolib’ – a car sharing system that works the same way…

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Homes in Paris to be Heated by Underground Subway Station


Green heating system to utilize waste heat from underground subway station to heat apartments.

Doesn’t it feel horrendously warm while waiting for a metro at the underground subway station? Well, the builders of a new housing estate in Paris have come up with a pioneering idea to utilize this waste heat to generate energy for a low-income housing building located above the metro station. The high temperature in the metro station is a result of the 100 watts of energy expelled by each passenger and heat produced by the moving trains.

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City Bees Are Healthier and More Productive Than Their Country Cousins


An urban beekeeper.

While their country cousins’ populations collapse, bees in Paris are thriving as having a rooftop hive becomes de rigueur for hotels and restaurants seeking an in-house source of home-grown artisanal honey. According to the BBC, the urban bees are healthier and more productive than ones in rural France and they seem to like the City of Light for the same reason many people do: lots of good food.