Tree Bench – portable bench turns any tree into a shady seat


Tree Bench

Aandeboom, the Dutch team that brought us the clever P-Tree urinal, designed this clever pop-up Tree Bench. This quirky design takes the traditional park bench to another level by supporting it with a set of industrial straps, allowing it to hover over the ground while providing space for plants and grass to thrive beneath it. (Pics)

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Subaquatic Sculpture Museum: World’s Largest Underwater Museum


Vicissitudes show a circle of figures which are linked through holding hands.
They are life-size casts taken from a group of children

This winter, tourists to the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula off the coast of Cancun, Mexico will have one more thing to look forward to – an amazing underwater museum featuring 400 sculptures, inspired from both contemporary and Mayan influences. (Pics)

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Parking on Your Balcony

Parking on Your Balcony

CarLoft® is a pioneering modular loft scheme with a garden and a garage on every floor. All these brand-new luxury flats come with at least one adjacent parking space known as the CarLoggia, reached via the CarLift. When you arrive outside the building, the CarLift recognizes your car from the built-in transponder and knows which floor you live on. And still seated inside your car, you’re taken straight to your home in total safety.
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