Listening to Bach eases pain of patients during surgery


Listening to Bach on headphones eases the pain of patients during surgery, research has found.

Noise-canceling headphones playing a classical melody may reduce the pain and anxiety of prostate biopsies, according  to researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute in North Carolina.


MakH2OPak – disposable hydration system keeps patients orally hydrated


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

MakH2OPak™ is a patent pending disposable oral hydration system for those with compromised health to proved access to fluids anytime, anyplace and from any position.. It’s a smart solution to keeping patients orally hydrated, while allowing caregivers a way to easily monitor and record the intake of fluids.  (Pics)

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30% drop in hospital stays for heart failure, saving billions

heart failure

Heart failure hospitalizations have decreased nationally overall.

There was a remarkable 30% drop in hospital stays for heart failure in Medicare patients over a decade. It is the first such decline in the United States and forceful evidence that the nation is making headway in reducing the billion-dollar burden of a common condition.


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As health premiums rise even the insured are spending less on care


More money is spent on health insurance but less money is spent on care.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers show more money is being spent on health insurance but less on care.  Americans are spending more money on insurance premiums, and they’re spending less out of pocket on health services. The trend doesn’t reflect patients getting more health coverage for their insurance money, experts say. It reflects patients, even those with insurance, avoiding spending cash on health care they think can be put off.


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Doctors Ask Patients to Sign ‘Pain Contracts’ to Get Painkillers

pain contracts

Many highly effective, these drugs are dangerous and addictive.

Chronic pain — the kind that lasts for months or recurs regularly – afflicts more than a quarter of adult Americans. Treating pain can be extremely challenging, however, in part because it can’t be measured with instruments. It’s in the eye — or neck or joint — of the beholder.

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Peer-to-Peer Healthcare Widespread in U.S: Report

searching for health info

The internet gives patients and caregivers access not only to information, but also to each other.

Many Americans turn to friends and family for support and advice when they have a health problem. This report shows how people’s networks are expanding to include online peers, particularly in the crucible of rare disease. Health professionals remain the central source of information for most Americans, but “peer-to-peer healthcare” is a significant supplement.


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