Pedal Power Meets Photovoltaics via Solarbike

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Solarbike aims at having electric bikes powered by the sun.

Solarbike specialises in electric conversion kits for bicycles. But the business’s founders, both research scientists at the University of Western Australia, have been working on a way to easily have electric bikes powered by the sun. After some trial and error, which they transparently document, they’ve arrived at reasonably affordable photovoltaic systems that allow electric bike owners to ride like a solar wind…

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Prison Inmates Must Pedal To Watch TV

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Pedal Powered Boob Tube For Inmates
Inmates in one of America’s toughest jails are pedalling exercise bikes to generate electricity for their televisions.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio debuted the pilot program called “Pedal Vision” at Tent City Jail in Phoenix, Arizona, where inmates already live in harsh conditions in army surplus tents, sweltering in summer temperatures as high as 122F (50C) and freezing in winter.

Under the programme inmates pedal customized stationary bikes that generate 12 volts of electricity, with one hour of pedalling equaling one hour of television.

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