The crazy unfortunate rise of ‘Vacation Shaming’

Hope this nice couple isn’t feeling too guilty about taking their vacation.

About a month ago I got a call from a journalist named Leslie Stevens-Huffman wanting to interview me about vacations and management. She’d noticed I’d written on the subject before (“Why America Has Become ‘The No-Vacation Nation'”) and that I’d been critical that large numbers of U.S. employees (47% in one survey) were not using all their vacation time.

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Teens Can Resist Temptation as Their Brains Develop

MRI scan brain

Teens can resist the temptation for risky behavior.

Teenagers become more able to resist the urge to take part in risky behavior as their brains develop, not less, a study indicates.  MRI scans of boys’ and girls’ brains aged 10 and 13 show that activity in a part of the pre-frontal cortex tasked with deciding whether or not to take risks, called the ventral striatum, increases significantly.

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