Ford’s noise-cancelling doghouse keeps pups calm during fireworks


Rover can stay relaxed during the holidays.

Many dogs and other pets are terrified of fireworks, and for good reason — their more sensitive hearing makes that pleasant popping turn into a cacophony of sounds. Ford, however, might provide some relief. The company (which is no stranger to high-tech beds) has built a doghouse that uses noise cancelling to minimize canine agony during fireworks shows. Like the technology in some headphones and Ford’s own Edge SUV, the kennel detects explosions with microphones and counteracts them by pumping out frequencies that mitigate the sounds or eliminate them altogether. The body includes soundproofing cork panels, anti-vibration risers and even soundproofed ventilation, while an automatic door helps your pooch quickly take shelter.

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Growing trend among young singles who treat pets like girlfriends and boyfriends

Lucy, a 1 year old Burmese Mountain dog and her owner Alfred Pretrone.

There’s “something special” about Lucy, says Alfred Pretrone about his female companion. She’s good-looking, “chill” and she makes the stress melt away at the end of a long day. But Lucy isn’t Mr. Petrone’s girlfriend. She’s his dog.



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Why pet owners are skipping the pet food aisle in favor of homemade pet food

pet food

Veterinarians say these pet food home chefs do it for different reasons.

We not only obsess over what we eat. We also obsess over what our pets eat. While the pet food industry has started adding salmon, vegetables and other ingredients humans favor to its products, the store-bought stuff just doesn’t make the cut anymore for some owners. They’re skipping the pet food aisle altogether in favor of cooking up big batches of Fido’s meals.



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How the internet of everything can make a difference to your pets


Petnet SmartFeeder

The Internet of everything is all the rage now. New solutions continually pop up in a bid for more control over your home. Petnet, a smart pet-device maker based in Los Angeles, intends for its connected devices to make a difference to your dogs and cats.



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Sweaters made from your pet’s fur!

Do you love your cat or dog so much you would immortalize him or her into a soft cuddly sweater?  A professional cat groomer, Danelle German, based in Simpsonville, S.C. had large amounts of fur she would dispose of from her grooming clients’ Persians and Angoras.  She started to spin that fur into yarn.  From that yarn you can knit that yarn into warm, cute little sweaters, mittens, hats, or whatever you would like. (Pics)



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Human birth rate declines, people turn to pets

Colorado has more than 1.1 million dogs and not quite 350,000 children under 5 years old.

Don’t worry about the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Earth is far more likely to become the “Orb of the Dogs” demographically,  as human fertility rates plummet for a slew of reasons, including canines substituting for kids in many households.



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Dogs could lower stress at work and improve morale


Researchers studied 75 people at a manufacturing company where each day for a week 20 to 30 people were allowed to bring their dogs to work.

Bringing a dog to work could come with practical difficulties, but a trial at an American company suggested it improved people’s job satisfaction.

Dogs have skills equivalent to 6-month old babies


Dogs who were spoken to or who had direct eye contact with a person were more likely to follow that human’s gaze.

Some dogs have the skills of a 6-month-old baby, according to a new report in Current Biology. Man’s best friend not only responds to the words and ministrations of humans, dogs can understand and anticipate the intentions of their people, researchers are reporting.

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Spending on pets in the U.S. increases during recession

pampered pet

Americans will spend more than $50 billion on their animals this year.

Mary Louise Mills has a says her three dogs are spoiled rotten 9-year-old shih tzu named Annie Lulu after Mills’ grandmother, and two Pekingese — 7-year-old Miss Daisy May and 4-year-old Elmer, whom she sometimes calls Fudd.  And she says her all three of her dogs are spoiled rotten.


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