World’s First Recipe for Deep-Fried Beer Created in Texas

deep fried beer

Ravioli like pieces of pretzel dough are deep fried for about 20 seconds.

A chef in Texas has created what he claims is the world’s first recipe for deep-fried beer.  The beer is placed inside a pocket of salty, pretzel-like dough and then dunked in oil at 375 degrees for about 20 seconds, a short enough time for the confection to remain alcoholic. (Pics)

Amazing Animal Photography – The Art of the Animal

The Chase 022

Defining moments in the life of animals

Animals bring a rare form of beauty to the world around us. Their lives exist like ours, with seemingly endless tedium followed by brief moments of something spectacular. The following are a series of photos that do a terrific job of capturing the spectacular moments. Some are downright breathtaking. (Pics)

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Remarkable Photos Of Kids And Their Pets

Remarkable Photos Of Kids And Their Pets

“No symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy.” Bern Williams

A child’s first pet has become accepted knowledge in recent years that children with pets receive numerous benefits including increased kindness toward other children, increased self-esteem, even stronger physical and emotional development.  (Pics)

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Amazing Photos Depicting Human Emotion

Amazing Photos Depicting Human Emotion


Though we differ in the way we look and things we believe in, there’s something we all share: emotion. Human emotion is innate in all of us; it’s something we’re born with and something we die with. Happiness, sadness, love, hatred, worries, and indifference – these are things that constantly occur in our daily lives. (Pics)

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Amazing Photos: Looking Into Reclusive North Korea

Looking Into Reclusive North Korea

North Korean soldiers walk in an early morning mist with
their rifles and spades along the North Korean-Chinese border

News stories about North Korea have been quite frequent recently, with their test launch of a rocket over Japan, withdrawal from nuclear disarmament talks coupled with a threat to restart their nuclear program, reports that their nuclear attack capabilities may be larger than previously thought – and their recent arrest and indictment of two U.S. reporters on its border with China. Even with all this attention, photographs from North Korea are still restricted and hard to come by. One way around that has been for photographers to peer inside from across the border, a pastime that has also spurred a level of curious tourism in both neighboring South Korea and China. (Pics)

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A Woman’s Walk Reveals Her Orgasmic Ability

A Woman’s Walk Reveals Her Orgasmic Ability

 Does a sexy walk tease more than just the watchers?

Trained sexologists can know the history of a woman’s vaginal orgasm just by observing the way she walks, according to a new study. The study, led by Stuart Brody of the University of the West of Scotland in collaboration with colleagues in Belgium was carried out on 16 female Belgian university students. (Pics)

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