Marketing isn’t really marketing anymore


The role of a CMO today isn’t what it used to be.

When it comes time to hire a head of marketing, many tech entrepreneurs imagine bringing on someone who’s a master of SEO and A/B testing, who will drive millions of new visitors to their website. They may see a role for the CMO beyond this — perhaps they’ll ask their job candidates “How will your marketing take advantage of big data?”



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Adoption of technology is speeding up

Innovations introduced more recently are being adopted more quickly.

The rates of new product introduction and adoption are speeding up and it seems to be across the board. For instance, an automobile industry trade consultant observes that “Today, a typical automotive design cycle is approximately 24 to 36 months, which is much faster than the 60-month life cycle from five years ago.”



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Is connecting your product to the Internet of Things a good business decision?

Companies today are more excited than ever about the Internet of Things thanks to widespread Internet adoption and over 10 billion connected devices around the world. Nearly every business, including those from traditionally low-tech industries, wants to get on the cloud, track a group of devices, and gather data. The question is why would a company is connect a previously “dumb” product to the cloud. Or stated differently, if a company invests in making my toaster talk to my lawnmower, is that really a good business decision and why?



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Showrooming is on the rise: Report

25% increase in the use of mobile phones in retail stores.

More shoppers are using their mobiles for ‘showrooming’, checking prices and product information while shopping in stores. There has been a 25% increase in the use of mobiles in retail stores, which has significant implications for retailers, according to JiWire’s Mobile Audience Insights Report for Q2 2013.



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Top 8 products the Facebook generation will not buy


Consumer tastes of the Facebook generation is changing at a greater rate than ever.

The purchasing habits of the youngest generation present the most dramatic shifts in consumer tastes — a reflection of what they find important, and are changing at a greater rate than ever. 24/7 Wall St. has identified eight popular products that the “Facebook generation” is not buying.

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Get Your Invention Noticed by Yakin’ About It


Yak About It

Yak About It – featured products all started off as ideas, ideas culminated from ordinary people like you and me. The people behind these inventive products had the courage to change their lives as they once knew them and take a risk on their dreams. This vision to bring a product to market and to start a company is not all-encompassing; it’s not a dream shared by everyone. The learning process, hard work, cash investment and time make it all the more special for inventors and independent entrepreneurs when their ideas are brought to market. The problem is that once a product is ready to sell doesn’t mean that a sale is guaranteed. It’s not that the invention or creative product is useless; rather, the product lacks awareness.


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How Consumers And Businesses Are Embracing ‘Foreverism’



While the ‘now’ has never been more popular, with many consumers still keen on instant gratification, trying to maximize the amount of experiences they can collect in as little time as possible (and with as little budget as possible), there are equally strong forces promoting the ‘forever’:

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Absurd ideas create success – But first, you may have to retrain your brain


“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” — Albert Einstein

I think we can all agree that Albert Einstein was a pretty smart guy and came up with some great ideas and concepts, but his quote above is also great advice to all of us in business. It’s a quote that I have printed on my business card and something I embrace in creating new companies and products.


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