2013 blew apart our notions of privacy

2013 changed everything by demonstrating the extent and power of state — and commercial — surveillance.

2013 was an extraordinary year for those of us who are interested in privacy and data protection. What was previously seen as the domain of paranoid nitpickers has exploded into the public consciousness, shaking international ties and making many people re-evaluate how they live their lives online.



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Deflexion Silcone Armor Instantly Transforms Into Hard Armor When Needed


Deflexion silicone armor

If you like to live dangerously you know that solid body armor is the way to go for maximum protection. A new type of fabric can instantly transform into hard armor when somebody hits you, while remaining soft and flexible the rest of the time.



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Bishnois: Eco-Conservation as a Religion

tree-hugging-bishnoi 1234

Bishnois Have Been Called The Sacred Environmentalists

Before the “green” movement became trendy, there is a village in India that takes eco-conservation to the level of religion.

Bishnois, a community following the tenets prescribed by Jambeshwar in the 15th century, teaches its followers to respect nature, be kind to animals and not to cut trees. The followers are so principled as to lay down their lives to protect a tree…

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Best Investment In China? Garlic!

Garlic wall in china 13425
A Wall Of Health and Flavor!
The price of garlic in China has nearly quadrupled since March, propelled by its very pungency to rank ahead of gold and stocks as the country’s best-performing asset this year.

The trigger for the bull run may have been the idea that the potent bulb can ward off H1N1 swine flu, Morgan Stanley economists said.

That chimes with some anecdotal evidence. The China Daily reported last week that a high school in Hangzhou, a prosperous city in eastern China, had bought 200 kg of garlic and forced students to eat it every day for lunch to stay healthy.

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Nubrella: Ultimate Personal Weather Protector



The nubrella is designed for the 21st century. Nubrella exploits the fundamental limitations of today’s traditional umbrella while introducing a long awaited feature of hands free usage. Nubrella turned to the award winning design firm, Continuum. The result is an eye catching new aerodynamic design that many are saying is simply a better “mousetrap”.


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Wolves No Longer Protected


There back..Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yea

Wolves in parts of the Northern Rockies and the Great Lakes region come off the endangered species list on Monday, opening them to public hunts in some states for the first time in decades.
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E-Wave Chip Protects Against Threat of Cellphone Radiation


Radiation is certainly NOT sexy or fun.

Cellphone radiation is spawning worries that it can do everything from making sperm stupid to popping popcorn… which means it’s prime time to start selling “cures” like this “radiation reducing” E-wave phone chip.

Omega, a Belgian health products company that usually markets things like suntan lotion and wart treatments, is branching out into protective tech gadgets. It’s E-wave chip, which attaches onto phones, allegedly offsets electromagnetic radiation and neutralizes the “heating effect” caused by electromagnetic signals.

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Bunker Bank


The Perfect Bank For All The Geologist Out There Who Are Trying To Manage Money During The Christmas Season

Putting your money in a bank isn’t looking like the best idea these days, at least not a real one. What other kinds are there? Well, there’s the pig-shaped variety, though that’s probably a little too obvious. This Bunker bank, by Dino Salvatico, is slightly more stealthy: Made of cement and glass fiber, it looks like either a poorly made brick or the worst-tasting salt lick ever.

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