More money makes people less human: Study


Psychology has only recently begun seriously investigating how having money, that major marker of status in the modern world, ­affects psychosocial behavior.

At the University of California, Berkeley two undergraduate students are playing a Monopoly game that one of them has no chance of winning. A team of psychologists has rigged it so that skill, brains, savvy, and luck—those ingredients that ineffably combine to create success in games as in life—have been made immaterial. Here, the only thing that matters is money.

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Dead-end Job is Worse for Your Health Than Being Unemployed

dead end job

Having a dead-end job is bad for your health.

There are some who don’t need an excuse to skip a day’s work – but this could be a good reason to quit your job altogether.  A badly-paid or temporary job can be as bad for a person’s mental health as none at all, researchers claim.


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