All 50 states ranked for retirement from worst to best


The best place to retire depends on what you value.

When deciding the best place to retire, it’s important to consider affordability, quality of life, and health care.

Minnesota is the best for quality of life and healthcare, but has low affordability for retirees.

Florida is the best state for retirees, not surprising considering it has the most senior citizens.

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Countries ranked by quality of life

Young family walking on beach

What is your recipe for a better life?

Money is important, but it isn’t everything. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development created the Your Better Life Index to compare the quality of life as well as economic prowess of its 34 member countries. The index measures each country using 11 different lines, including income, employment, health, education, environmental quality, and its citizens’ opinions about life satisfaction, work-life balance, and a sense of community. Because people have different priorities, the OECD index allows them to rank countries according to their own values. The United States remains at the top for income and wealth, but it lags behind as a place to live a long and happy life. National Journal


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For China’s young people quality of life as important as work

China job fair

A job fair in Hefei in east China’s Anhui province.

Song Hao, a  bearded video editor in his late 20s,earlier this year began to feel that the job he’d been doing for nearly four years was boring, leading nowhere, and certainly not worth the overtime he was made to do every evening.


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Elderly heart patients prefer longevity over quality of life

heart patient

Survey found three quareters of elderly heart failure patients wouldn’t trade a longer life with symptoms for a shorter life without them.

Many doctors might assume tha when an elderly patient’s chronic disease is impossible to cure they would prefer to improve the quality of their remaining life rather than extend it as it is.  Most of the time those doctors would be mistaken, according to a new study.



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