Transform Your iPhone into the Swipe It Credit Card Reader


Swipe It Reader

It lacks the subtlety of the Square payment system’s iPhone/iPod Touch credit card reader, but there’s just something about Macally’s new Swipe It Reader that makes it look so much more reliable and trustworthy. Maybe it’s because of the Swipe It Reader’s slightly bulky design that looks like the credit card readers we’ve been using at stores all these years? I’m not sure. But part of that bulk comes from the device’s spring-loaded arm which cleverly allows it to hold iPhones and iPod Touches wrapped in cases, or whatever future designs Mr. Ives comes up with.


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Barnes & Noble Will Ship Around 60,000 Nooks This Year

nook 4132
Look, look it’s a Nook!
A lot more people have ordered the Barnes & Noble Nook, first announced on October 20, than the company expected (despite getting panned by the official reviewers). The company had Foxconn, their ODM, build far fewer of them than they should have.The original plan was to ship pre-orders by November 30 but that date was pushed back to December 7. It took a mere month for the entire order process to break down. Now a small number of pre-orders still haven’t arrived and most brick and mortar stores are sold out and even then they were only available in “higher volume” stores on December 7.

B&N is assuaging those customers whose pre-orders and early orders haven’t shipped with a $100 B&N gift certificate if the device doesn’t ship by December 23. The company wrote: “With our sincerest apologies, we will send you an e-mail notification on December 23rd with a $100 Barnes& Online Gift Certificate.”

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Sony To Begin Selling eBooks In The Digital Standard ePub Format


Sony’s Reader

Paper books may be low tech, but no one will tell you how and where you can read them.

For many people, the problem with electronic books is that they come loaded with just those kinds of restrictions. Digital books bought today from, for example, can be read only on Amazon’s Kindle device or its iPhone software.


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Amazon Developing Larger Screen Kindle

Amazon Developing Larger Screen Kindle

 Amazon has big plans for the Kindle

The Kindle has been a huge success. With that success, some copycats have emerged. Some of those plan to have a larger screen. So, to keep up, Amazon is planning to develop another Kindle according to the WSJ. Supposedly this comes from people who have seen a version of the device. This one would have “a larger screen”.

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FLEPia – World’s First Color e-Book Reader

FLEPia - World’s First Color e-Book Reader


That Kindle 2 – we love it, especially for reading books without pictures. But for magazines, blogs and newspapers, color is essential, and that’s where this Fujitsu FLEPia e-book reader represents a breakthrough, towering over all the rest. Shipping in Japan April 20 (and who-knows-when to the U.S.), it’s the world’s first color e-book reader. But there’s one major drawback: It costs $1000. Ouch. And we thought the Kindle’s $359 price was too high.

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Beacon Biotechnology – Diagnostic Medical Device Technology

Beacon Biotechnology - Diagnostic Medical Device Technology

 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Beacon Biotechnology has created a disruptive medical device technology with a single use, disposable, rapid, 112 test microarray diagnostic testing platform capable of performing both molecular and immunoassay methods.

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3M Mobile ID Reader

3M Mobile ID Reader 

 3M Mobile ID Reader

This new 3M Mobile ID Reader could soon be used at events or in situations that require tight security. The idea is that it would scan your identification quickly to prove that you are who you say you are. Then you can be on your way in no time. It works like a credit card scanner and it would be used to scan things like your Visa card or passport, cross checking that info with watch lists of those who are threats.

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