How hackers invented kiteboarding



An unusual design process combining recklessness, imagination, and computers created one of the fastest-growing sports in history.

The promise of kiteboarding is that a wind strong enough to draw small whitecaps from the water can take you on a magic-carpet ride. But the same wind can be dangerously uncontrollable.Photograph from Alamy

Just as he was graduating from high school, in 1990, Chris Moore had a fanciful idea. He had noticed increasing numbers of so-called sport kites arcing through the skies above his home town of Lenexa, Kansas, outside Kansas City, Missouri. A traditional kite is tethered to its operator by a single line, and is more or less impossible to maneuver. But a sport kite—a needle-nosed, fighter-jet-like wing of nylon or polyester—has two lines, which an operator can use to induce acrobatic turns. Moore was skilled with a yo-yo and had watched riders do tricks on their bikes. He watched the sport kites soar, reverse, and double back, and wondered if the kite could become the next bicycle—a vehicle for art, competition, or some combination of the two.

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Record Number of Americans Participated in Recreational Boating in 2010


32.4% of American adults participated in recreational boating in 2010

They didn’t have enough cash for a cruise to the Caribbean.   They didn’t have the available credit on their credit card to charge a flight to Disney World.

But 75 millions of Americans during tough economic times the perfect little getaway in 2010: a weekend of boating.


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Decline in U.S. Motorcycle Fatalities Due to Economy


Motorcycle fatalities decline because of economy

After a decade of steady increases, motorcyclist deaths nose-dived last year, possibly due to bikers watching their budgets in a sour economy. The study, set for release Thursday, indicates a 16 percent drop in U.S. motorcycle fatalities through the first nine months of 2009 compared to the same period in the previous year. It projects at least a 10 percent decline in fatalities over the entire year, or about 530 fewer deaths.


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EZ Shot: The Fully-Automatic Basketball Return Machine

Father's Day Rally DVD Label

Featured at the Colorado Inventor Showcase
Net proceeds from EZ Shot goes to help purchase food and toiletries for the FISH Food Bank in Broomfield

EZ Shot is a fully-automatic basketball return machine.  EZ Shot’s patented technology is well suited for training, recreation and entertainment. EZ Shot’s on-board computer contains a variety of pre-programmed individual and team drill patterns, designed for all ages and skill levels.  EZ Shot is the life of any party, school or corporate event. Whether you use it to train, entertain, amaze or fundraise, EZ Shot draws and holds everyone’s attention. (Video)


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Power All Your Own Gadgets


Use walking and leg work outs for a benefit besides just getting a ripped physique

Ngalande’s Green Erg generator is a wheeled device, attached by a simple harness that’s designed to trundle along behind a person who’s walking. As the user walks along, the rubber-coated rollers keep in good contact with the ground–even on rough, bumpy terrain–and spin a dynamo that generates power. Continue reading… “Power All Your Own Gadgets”


Mile Long Secret Tunnel For Sale

Mile Long Secret Tunnel For Sale 

A stuffy, noisy mile-long secret Cold War tunnel is up for sale in London, asking price $7.4 million, connecting up Chancery Lane with the Thames. It’s only got two lifts, which means you couldn’t possibly get fire-code approval to run it as a hotel or club, but there’s all kinds of intriguing possibilities (e.g. ball pit) for this much subterranean volume.

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