The end of the TV remote control


Designers are now employing built-in cameras and microphones to enable TVs to recognize your gestures, spoken instructions, and even individual faces.

For over 60 years the TV remote control has been a centerpiece of living rooms and the focus of family squabbles. But its age is showing — and new technologies built into the next generation of TVs may replace the old clicker.

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Bang! Lamp – You’ll shoot your light out, kid


Bang! Lamp

Bang! lamp by Bitplay is a pretty cool lighting accessory that lets you turn it on and off through a remote control that’s shaped like a gun. Pull the trigger, the light goes out and the lampshade actually tilts as if shot. It also works in reverse, though it doesn’t really make much sense that way. The gun is an IR controller and that dark band around the base of the lamp is the receiver. (Video)


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Unmanned Remote-Control Aircraft Designed for Stormy Sea Rescues


The marine rescue UAV prototype.

People often need to be rescued at sea because of stormy weather – exactly the kind of conditions in which it is not safe to fly. Nonetheless, fully-crewed helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft are regularly sent out into such weather to perform maritime rescues, endangering both the crew and the expensive aircraft themselves. Soon, however, a new type of unmanned remote-control aircraft may be able to do the job. Not only would flight crews be kept out of harm’s way, but as demonstrated by a functioning prototype, the aircraft would outperform conventional planes in rough weather, thanks to shape-shifting technology. (Pics)


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Designer Hussein Chalayan – Wearable, Portable Architecture

Designer Hussein-Chalayan - Wearable, Portable Architecture 

Is it fashion or is it furniture?

Twice awarded Designer of the Year, UK native Hussein-Chalayan doesn’t have the typical background you’d come to expect of a fashion designer – in fact, he’s a tech geek who’s translated his knowledge into fashion and that certainly comes across in his unique designs.
On exhibit now at the Design Museum in the UK until May 17th, one of Chalayan’s exhibits have visitors to the museum asking, is it fashion or is it furniture? (Pics)

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Low Cost/Low Power Radio Technology For Remote Control

Low Cost/Low Power Radio Technology For Remote Control 

A company called Green Peak has developed new low cost/low power radio technology for remote controls. Instead of that annoying point-it-a-device IR remote that needs new batteries every year, Green Peak’s remotes could last the life of the device it controls on a pair of cheap lithium ion button batteries.Not only does this technology enable better remote controls – they’ll work through walls up to nearly a hundred feet away – but could help eliminate the 8 billion dead remote control AA and AAA batteries that are tossed into the garbage each year.

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ThinkGeek’s Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt


The Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt started off as a joke back on April fools day. The joke was launched by ThinkGeek who are known to act around on that day by launching a bunch of fake products. However, the joke T-Shirt triggered such a response that they actually went ahead and made it to sell.

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Remote Control Flying Saucer


 Still waiting for the one we can ride in

If you’re looking for the smallest most sophisticated R/C flying vehicle around then your wait is over. The Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer incorporates amazing technology in a package not much larger than your outstretched palm. With 4-propellers you’d assume the Micro Flying Saucer would be hard to keep balanced in the air, however this problem is solved by the built in solid-state accelerometer.

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To Boldly Bike Where No Man Has Biked Before

 To Boldly Bike Where No Man Has Biked Before

Clearly 007 had to be watching in the background

Designed by a team at Cranfield University in Bedfordshire this ultimate boy toy can climb a 407mm vertical wall, go down a 40 per cent side slope and operate in up to 610mm of water. You can use it to drive over obstacles, cross rivers and do all the things you wouldn’t want to do while in the car yourself. (Video)
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