Growth in China’s car ownership drives parking space shortage

supermarket parking

These cars lined up outside a supermarket, waiting for someone to leave and open up a space.

Finding a parking spot in China is now an expensive endeavor. Homebuyers in China are learning that too many cars means too few parking spaces.  If you think the price of putting a roof over your head has soared, wait until you try to secure a parking space for your car.


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20 Million People Live Underground in China


Ordinary Chinese people priced out of China’s property market.

To understand how far ordinary Chinese have been priced out of their country’s property market, you need to look not upwards at the Beijing’s shimmering high-rise skyline, but down, far below the bustling streets where nearly 20m people live and work. There, in the city’s vast network of unused air defence bunkers, as many as a million people live in small, windowless rooms that rent for £30 to £50 a month, which is as much as many of the city’s army of migrant labourers can afford. (Pics)

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