Can video games replace the outdoors?


Maybe not in our hearts, but certainly in our brains. Plus, they can make you love the indoors far too much—which is why there’s now a full-fledged, woodsy rehab center for joystick addicts who need a soothing pathway back to a normal life.

Joining game in progress.

You materialize at a sprawling ranch near a snowcapped mountain covered with freshly powdered pines. Three horses graze nearby behind a purplish wooden fence.

To open the gate, click the lock.

A jet-black mare wearing a striped blanket approaches, its hooves sinking into the slush and white puffs blooming from her nostrils.

Click horse.

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Shift+Refresh Is Like the Restart Button for Web Sites


DON’T PANIC – Shift + Refresh!

When a friend or family member comes to you asking for help with a program that’s not working correctly, the first thing most of us ask is: “Did you try restarting?” When I’m talking web sites, it changes to: “Did you Shift+Refresh?”

Note: For the purposes of this discussion, I’m assuming the person with the problem still has an active internet connection and every other web site is working just fine. And this isn’t a new browser feature or shortcut by any means, but we’ve never fully covered it, and it’s a lifesaver.

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