Older Dad’s linked to kids’ risk for genetic ailments

Father’s age is linked to increased genetic risk.

Solid evidence has been found by scientists that older men have more random mutations in their sperm cells. They’re warning that can cause autism, schizophrenia and a long list of other genetic diseases in their offspring.



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Men Might Have Biological Clocks, Too

Men Might Have Biological Clocks, Too

Pablo Picasso, 66, with his son  

Read between the lines of a recent study out of Australia and you can see hints of a coming shift in the gender conversation. Researchers at the University of Queensland found that children born to older fathers have, on average, lower scores on tests of intelligence than those born to younger dads. Data they analyzed from more than 33,000 American children showed that the older the man when a child is conceived, the lower a child’s score is likely to be on tests of concentration, memory, reasoning and reading skills, at least through age 7. 

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Neuroscientists Create “Body Swapping” Illusion

Nueroscientists Create “Body Swapping” Illusion 

From the outside, psychotherapy can look like an exercise in self-absorption. In fact, though, therapists often work to pull people out of themselves: to see their behavior from the perspective of a loved one, for example, or to observe their own thinking habits from a neutral distance.

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Bailout Provides Broader Mental Health Coverage

Bailout Provides Broader Mental Health Coverage

Representative Patrick J. Kennedy speaking at a rally in March on Capitol Hill. Mr. Kennedy
and Representative Jim Ramstad, third from left, led the fight in the House for mental health parity.

More than one-third of all Americans will soon receive better insurance coverage for mental health treatments because of a new law that, for the first time, requires equal coverage of mental and physical illnesses.

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First Detailed Map Of The Human Brain

First Detailed Map Of The Human Brain

Scientists used a new type of brain imaging called diffusion spectrum imaging, along with mathematical analysis,
to build a map of the cortical architecture of the human brain, shown here.

The first high-resolution map of the human cortical network reveals that the brain has its own version of Grand Central Station, a central hub that is structurally connected to many other parts of the brain.

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