Where were you hundreds of Birthdays and Christmases ago tape scissors?

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The obvious evolution.

It’s obvious why these brilliant scissors with a built-in tape dispenser aren’t available in every office supply store in the country. They want you to have to buy both products separately—increasing the store’s profits while you sit at home fumbling your way through another botched attempt at wrapping gifts…

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The U-Man Robot Learns to Use Tools

The U-Man Robot Learns to Use Tools


By shoving objects around on a table, UMan figures out how they work.

To assist humans around the house, robots will need to be able to deal with the unfamiliar. But while researchers can preprogram robots to do increasingly sophisticated tasks, they face a much bigger challenge in teaching them to adapt to unstructured environments. A robot developed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, however, is able to learn to use objects that it has never encountered before.

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Great Idea for Old Credit Cards

 Great Idea for Old Credit Cards

The only good use for old American Express cards is picking out some classic Clapton tunes

If you’ve been wondering what to do with all of your old credt cards, here’s an ingenious new idea. Handmade guitar picks. Most are made from old plastic cards (gift cards, credit cards, hotel room keys, etc.) Other materials are cardboard, “Handi Snacks” stick, CD, Toshiba laptop, and plastic packaging.

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