NSA infiltrated online games in hunt for terrorists

The NSA described games communities, such as World of Warcraft, as a ‘target-rich network’ where potential terrorists could ‘hide in plain sight’.

Because of leaks from the former National Security Agency employee, Edward Snowden, the NSA is still under the microscope. The NSA has been straddling a fine line between being a terrifying and comically inept government institution. Now, in the latter category: a report that the NSA infiltrated the dark world of online gaming.



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Second Life officially turns 10 years old

Second Life provides startups with a few hard but valuable lessons on the realities of creating products and building audiences.

The once-trendy virtual world Second Life officially turns 10 years old this week. It’s been years since its initial hype wave. Many technorati thought it would be as important to the internet as Facebook itself and many may even be surprised that SL still exists. In fact, the pioneering VR world is both profitable and maintains  a relatively large userbase for a 3D online world.



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Children No More At Risk Online Than Offline, New Study Says

Children No More At Risk Online Than Offline, New Study Says 

Last year, after the social-networking site MySpace found that its members included some 29,000 registered sex offenders, the nation’s top state prosecutors demanded a technological fix, asking that the industry “explore and develop age and identity verification tools for social networking web sites.” But a new study concludes that such technologies are unlikely to thwart anonymous predators and that the threat facing children online is no worse than it is in the real world.

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The Future of Virtual Worlds

The Future of Virtual Worlds - Night with a Futurist - May 5, 2008 - DaVinci Institute

On may 5th Dave Elchoness will take a look at the major information and technological revolution that lies ahead

In a wide ranging keynote address at the 2007 Influence Forum, ICANN CEO Paul Twomey made the bold statement that virtual worlds are the future of global commerce.

Twomey sited several examples of the virtual interfaces companies will be using in the future, in fields including retail, client services, B2B and advertising. Specifically, he cited the interface behind Google Earth as one example of a “game-like interface” that has been put to real world use with a strong geographical focus.

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Hands Free 3D Interface for Second Life


Here are some experiments at Kapor Enterprises using 3D cameras to control movement in Second Life.

Mitch Kapor and Philippe Bossut designed a prototypical interface that demonstrates the possibilities for operating Second Life “hands free” without a mouse or keyboard. To make this work, they modified the open source Second Life client to support the camera as an input device.

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