NSA infiltrated online games in hunt for terrorists

The NSA described games communities, such as World of Warcraft, as a ‘target-rich network’ where potential terrorists could ‘hide in plain sight’.

Because of leaks from the former National Security Agency employee, Edward Snowden, the NSA is still under the microscope. The NSA has been straddling a fine line between being a terrifying and comically inept government institution. Now, in the latter category: a report that the NSA infiltrated the dark world of online gaming.



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Second Life officially turns 10 years old

Second Life provides startups with a few hard but valuable lessons on the realities of creating products and building audiences.

The once-trendy virtual world Second Life officially turns 10 years old this week. It’s been years since its initial hype wave. Many technorati thought it would be as important to the internet as Facebook itself and many may even be surprised that SL still exists. In fact, the pioneering VR world is both profitable and maintains  a relatively large userbase for a 3D online world.



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