See-Through “Never Clog” Sink Drain

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Now you see it!

The $20 PermaFLOW Never-Clog Drain seems like a crazy handy idea!

With its innovative, self-cleaning design and integrated wiper that removes blockage, PermaFLOW eliminates the need for chemical drain cleaners, plungers, and expensive pipe repairs. This smart alternative to traditional P-traps installs in a snap and even allows for easy retrieval of accidentally lost jewelry and other items.

Ultimate See-Through Speakers

Ultimate See-Through Speakers

Ferguson Hill’s transparent speakers

Check out Ferguson Hill’s transparent designed speakers. As you can plainly see, the FH001 is a horn speaker made of clear acrylic. Horns are among the oldest speaker designs because they are incredibly efficient, and they also extend the low-frequency range of the driver. As a result, the FH001 boasts an efficiency of 100dB/W/m and needs only 3 to 50 watts of amp power, making it ideal for tube-based power amps so beloved by many audiophiles. And its frequency range is an astounding 150Hz-20kHz (±5dB) with no crossover. (Pics)

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‘See Through’ Bikini Lets You Tan All Over

 ‘See Through’ Bikini Lets You Tan All Over‘See Through’ Bikini Lets You Tan All Over

Kiniki’s tan-through bikini is made of a special fabric that allows sunlight to penetrate through microscopic holes.

It is the curse of sun-kissed holidays – the dreaded zebra crossing look caused by wearing swimwear on the beach. But tanlines could become a thing of the past after a firm developed a range of ‘see-through’ swimming costumes. (Pics)

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The Power Of Nanotubes

The Power Of Nanotubes 

 The researchers at the University of Southern California

Researchers at the University of Southern California have created a a clear, colorless disk about 5 inches in diameter that bends and twists like a playing card, with a lattice of more than 20,000 nanotube transistors. It is capable of having high-performance electronics printed on it using a potentially inexpensive low-temperature process.

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“InVisible Updates”

Not your everyday “overhead” projector trick

This seems perfectly believable when you’re reading about a fictional world filled with witches, wizards and centuries-old magic; but in the real world, such a garment would be impossible, right? Not so fast. With optical-camouflage technology developed by scientists at the University of Tokyo, the invisibility cloak is already a reality.

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