Bendable smartphones are already on tap to come out next year.  Will Samsung’s next big thing may be a flexible, transparent tablet?


Samsung’s Mobile Display division posted a video yesterday showing off a concept device that looks to be a smartphone-tablet hybrid that can be rolled up like a newspaper or expanded for different tasks.

In the clip above, you can see the Samsung Flexible AMOLED concept being used as an e-reader, a camera, a video chat system, and an interpreter. The company also imagines the tablet showing off 3D images through the use of an augmented-reality system.

Though the Samsung Flexible AMOLED concept is far from being an actual product, there are other bendy gadgets that could hit the market in the near future. In May, Samsung showed off a seamless, foldable OLED screen, and back in October, Nokia showed off its Kinetic Device concept.

With bendable and foldable screens one step closer to reality, I’d love to hear what you guys think of the idea of interacting with your device through a flexible display.

Via Cnet