Micro-entrepreneurship a growing trend

do it yourself economy

Do-it-Yourself Economy

Russell Howze was working as a creative at an advertising agency in Atlanta when he got laid off due to budget cuts years ago.  For years he spent his time piecing together work through various corporate jobs, until he decided to follow his heart. Russell then  founded a nonprofit organization for artists, and now supplements his income running street art tours through Vayable in his spare time.

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Is It A Good Idea To Start A Business After Age 55?

older man

People 55 or older are more likely to start a business than younger people

The face of the typical startup entrepreneur these days is a bit wrinkly, sporting some gray hair, and having the wisdom that comes with age.  But is it a good financial move to start a business late in life? According to recent research, these days those 55 and over are more likely than young people to be starting businesses, says Professor Scott Shane, writing in BusinessWeek.

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