Fluffy Cat Ears That Wiggle with Your Every Emotion


Neurowear has developed a set of ears that apparently respond to the wearer’s emotions via a sensor.

Some people spend their lives wearing their hearts on their sleeves.  Thanks to a Japanese company, you can show off exhibit your innermost feelings somewhere else – a pair of fluffy ears on your head. (Pics and video)


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Embracing Our Inner Cyborg


The emerging market for smartphone peripherals is set to explode

Futurist Thomas Frey:  It recently occurred to me that I was pulling my iPhone out of my pocket several times an hour to check information. Over the past few months I‘ve become very self-conscious about the addictive nature of information and the OCD-like mannerisms that follow, and this constant checking-in is only one of several habit-changers I’ve noticed that accompany smartphones.


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Bio-Sensing Underwear Track Your Vitals


Bio-sensing underwear

Forget gossipy neighbors, peeping toms, or shady repairmen. In the future, you may be handing out non-disclosure agreements to your underwear drawer. Researchers from Taiwan and U.C. San Diego have devised a way to print electrochemical sensors directly onto fabric, which means that those tighty whities you’re wearing could someday monitor your vitals. (No word on whether they’ll text-message your friends, too.)


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Your Choice in 2020 – How Computing Will Make Every Action a Transaction

computing transaction

Technology is about possibilities. Phones increase how many people you can connect with. Cars, how much ground you might cover. Powerful, highly networked computers may shift your every situation, changing what you might do and where you might be, every hour of any day.


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7 Incredible Mood Sensitive Interactive Gadgets


Positivity comes when we kill negativity. However, unless we can understand the emotions and vibes surrounding us, we cannot make room for the potential feel-good-atmosphere. While some gifted people can naturally sense and correct the emotional imbalance, some others have to struggle with their mood swings. For the latter, we have some incredible gadgetries, which with the mood sensors, will help you detect your mood and emotional state. The mood sensitive interactive gadgets might help to you keep up your spirits with their effective responsiveness to emotional triggers in your body and environment.


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Scientists Unveil World’s First Bionic Fingers


Phil Newman, marketing director of Touch Bionics, demonstrates the world’s first bionic fingers

The world’s first bionic fingers have been unveiled by scientists.  Made of tough, lightweight plastic and loaded with tiny motors, they can bend, grip, point and pick up items. (Video)


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Ford To Introduce Seatbelt Airbags On The Explorer

seatbelt airbags

The seatbelt inflates over the shoulder and torso in a 40 milliseconds

A car maker is introducing seatbelts that inflate like airbags to give extra protection to passengers.  Ford is fitting the back seats of vehicles with belts that inflate automatically during a crash.


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‘Hyperspectral Remote Sensor’ Can Spot Natural And Man-Made Disasters

Shasta Trinity Fire From Space

Shasta-Trinity fire from space

An omniscient eye in the sky can spot natural and man-made disasters, give advance warning about forest fires, water contamination or an oil slick.  A new Tel Aviv University (TAU) technology combines sophisticated sensors in orbit with ground based sensors to create a “Hyperspectral Remote Sensor” (HRS).

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A New Artificial Hand With A Delicate Robotic Grip


This four-fingered robotic hand contains sensors that help it pick up a variety of objects

Industrial robots have been helping in the factories for a while, but most robots need a complex hand and powerful software to grasp ordinary objects without damaging them.  Researchers from Harvard and Yale Universities have developed a simple, soft robotic hand that can grab a range of objects delicately, and which automatically adjusts its fingers to get a good grip. The new hand could also potentially be useful as a prosthetic arm.


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