An estimated 5 million complete human genomes will be sequenced by 2020


Genomics pioneer Craig Venter

In 2000, researchers finished the first draft of the human genome. Although the decreasing cost of the technology has far outpaced Moore’s Law since then, we have yet to fully leverage all that new information, to make it really useful.

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DNA sequencing is improving faster than Moore’s law


The cost of sequencing genomes has declined 50% faster per year than the cost of computers, since 2007. Declining sequencing costs have been due to a combination of Moore’s law and massive scaleups. An author and an expert on the life sciences industry, Juan Enriquez, runs a venture capital fund that invests in life science startups that could produce useful products and treatments within the next five years.  He also engages in more long-term forecasting. In an interview for Next Big Future, Enriquez discusses the exponential rate of change for biotechnology with Sander Olson. Enrique also discusses why he believes that the changes wrought by the biosciences during the next three decades could surpass the industrial revolution in importance. (video)


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Rapid DNA sequencing could soon become a routine part of your medical record

DNA sequencing

The latest technological competition involves the idea of threading a single strand of DNA through a tiny, molecular-scale eyelet known as a nanopore.

Rapid DNA sequencing can provide enormous amount of information previously sequestered in the human genome’s 3 billion nucleotide bases and soon may become a routine part of each individual’s medical record.

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Fastest Evolving Technology – DNA Sequencing


Human DNA sequence

Investing in technology-driven fields is risky, especially when everyone touts them as the Next Big Thing. Sure, it’s easy to see quick gains, but you’re just as likely to see those gains vanish as the next-generation technology sneaks in and replaces it — the disruptor becomes the disrupted, so to speak.


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