Shapeshifting furniture of the future

shape shifting

The inFORM

The inFORM–a shapeshifting display that you can reach through and touch–was meant to be a sort of digital scrying pool through which MIT could imagine the user interfaces of the future. Currently on display at Milan’s Design Week, the inFORM’s successor (called, appropriately enough,the Transform) is a scrying pool too, but instead of helping us imagine the interfaces of the future, it’s here to teach us what the polymorphous furniture of tomorrow will be like instead. (Videos)



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Paddle – an incredible shapeshifting smartphone



You probably carry around a few gadgets. You probably have your smartphone, maybe a tablet or e-reader. You may also have a fitness band or even a second smartphone. That’s a lot of stuff to carry. Imagine instead having just a single gadget that you deform physically into different shapes to suit your needs. (Pics and video)


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