Robots will lead to more human trafficking, slavery, report says


Tens of millions of workers could lose their jobs to automation, particularly in southeast Asia, over the next 20 years.

Garment workers among those most at risk of losing their jobs, finding few low-skill alternatives and facing exploitation, according to the Verisk Maplecroft report.

The rise of robot manufacturing will dramatically alter the labor market in southeast Asia and result in a spike in human trafficking, slavery and other labor abuses, according to a report released Thursday.

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Global slavery, the chilling statistics

Migrant laborers work late into the evening at a brick kiln in central India.

The lifetime profit on a brickmaking slave in Brazil is $8,700, and $2,000 in India. Sexual slavery brings the slave’s owner $18,000 over the slave’s working life in Thailand, and $49,000 in Los Angeles.  These are some chilling statistics on global slavery. (Infographic)



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Sexual Slavery Still Major Problem Due to Sex Slave Ring


Convicted Sexual Slave Trafficers Deserve The Harshest Punishments Available

For years, Gerardo Salazar played the Romeo in dusty Mexican villages, trolling town squares and schoolyards for women and girls he could seduce with declarations of love and, ultimately, sell in seedy Houston cantinas.

Salazar, who called himself El Gallo – the Rooster – could have been arrested three years ago after a federal indictment named him leader of an international human trafficking ring. Instead, he escaped to Mexico, where his hometown is a notorious center for kidnapping.

But the cantina sex trade Salazar helped build in Houston continues to flourish.

Despite enforcement efforts, human traffickers and prostitution operators have constructed resilient and lucrative networks of organized crime that have a franchise-like ability to persist and prosper, a Houston Chronicle investigation has found.

Two associates of Salazar’s, bar owners who escaped prosecution in 2005, were arrested only recently after police rescued a teenager allegedly held captive and sold as their sex slave…

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Saudis Clamp Down on Women’s Gyms


Modeling some work out burkas.

Many women-only sports clubs and gyms in Saudi Arabia face closure under a government clampdown on unlicensed premises.

Women’s gyms have become popular in the ultra-conservative Muslim country where the sexes are heavily segregated.

But only clubs linked to medical groups can get licences and others will be closed.

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