Sleep suit for portable power naps


Sleep suit

The urban sleep suit was designed by Forrest Jessee for the bustling non-stop lifestyle of contemporary cosmopolitans.   The urban sleep suit is a take-anywhere, nap-anytime ensemble made to be slept in on the spot.  Buckminster Fuller could have really used one of these outfits.  Did you know he was a proponent of polyphasic sleep, taking just four thirty-minute naps a day for nearly two years? (Pics)


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The Japanese Super-Snuggie You Won’t See On TV

japanese snuggle

Say hello to the Japanese Snuggie. The Two-Legged Sleeping bag. The Human Tadpole. Say hello to…this. There is no pitchman charismatic enough, no paid spokesperson straghtfaced enough, no model poised enough to give this the informercial it deserves. So in the mean time, we will just be awed and sit in wonder…