China tests smart-grid technology

The State Grid Corporation of China is running the smart-grid project using passive optical networking technology.

Smart-grid technology testing has begun in China hat could eventually be deployed nationwide to make the delivery of electricity more reliable and efficient. It might also serve as a way to deliver high-speed Internet, TV, and telephony to the farthest reaches of the country.




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Smart Grid Comes To The Netherlands


Netherlands makes a big step forward by integrating the Smart Grid.

It’s no secret that there are vast concerns in major utility companies operating a large smart grid connected to household smart meters that charge consumers a variable rate based on area usage. Unless individuals purchase updated products and tailor their daily habits to adjust for off-peak periods, which are generally considered to be weekends and weekday nights, monthly bills can ultimately rise.

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6 Trends Shaping The Smart Grid


What makes the smart grid more efficient?

The smart grid is a complicated beast. While the concept is simple enough — make the energy grid intelligent so that we use electricity in the most efficient manner possible — the implementation is mind-numbingly intricate. That’s why progress is steady but slow, from developing technology to standards to systems. GigaOm has a new report detailing six areas that are important for the growth of the new grid, including improvements in home energy management, carbon management and electric vehicle technologies.

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Chattanooga Will Be the First to Have the Fastest Internet in the U.S.


EPB in Chattanooga to offer broadband at 200 times the average speed.

In the global race to see who can offer the fastest Internet service, an unlikely challenger has emerged: Chattanooga, Tenn.  The city-owned utility, EPB, plans to announce on Monday that by the end of this year it will offer ultra-high-speed Internet service of up to one gigabit a second. That is 200 times faster than the average broadband speed in America.


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Researcher Shows How the Next-Generation Smart Energy Grid can be Hacked


Smart meter

One researcher shows how your house’s power could be shut down remotely, but the threat is only theoretical–for now. Components of the next-generation smart-energy grid could be hacked in order to change household power settings or to spoof communications with a utility’s network, according to a study of three pilot implementations.


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Smart Water Grid Technologies To Be A $16.3 Billion Industry


A $16.3 billion by 2020

Electricity gets all the attention when it comes to the smart grid, but not to be ignored is also what a smart grid can do for water consumption. Americans consume twice the world average in water, massive amounts are wasted in households, manufacturing, agriculture, and landscaping – massive amounts that could be conserved through proper monitoring and accounting. Luckily, water footprints are getting increased attention, and a water grid is being zeroed in on by businesses such as IBM who is working on boosting technology behind everything from high tech water pollution sensing to water footprint accounting. . In fact, the water grid could be the next big business concept, set to be a $16.3 billion dollar industry in the next 10 years.


Control4: Smart Grid Energy/Home Control Module


Home Energy Management System

Local power companies all over the country are helping to built a 21st century smart grid, complete with smart meters, which talk back to the grid, attached to your home. Control4 is getting ready to deploy its home Energy Management System (EMS) EC-100 so you can monitor and control not only your home’s energy consumption via data provided by the smart meter, but your A/V system, security, lights, HVAC, etc.


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Amsterdam Beginning Work on a Smart Grid


First a Pilot Project with 500 Homes
“Smart grid” is the new big thing in the world of green, and despite some fuzziness on the definition of what a smart grid actually is, an update to our energy grid to make it “smarter” and more efficient is definitely overdue. The city of Amsterdam is the latest to join the party with a new pilot program that will be managed by IBM and Cisco, along with the Dutch utility Nuon. 500 homes will be outfitted with energy management systems, including smart meters and energy monitors.


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Night with a Futurist: Smart Grid = No Grid?

Phil Watts Presenting 586

Night with a Futurist: Future of the Smart Grid

Monday’s Night with a Futurist saw Phil Watts discussing the Future of the Smart Grid, and more generally the future of power generation, use, and storage. Watts noted how little the power grid has changed relative to other technology in the 100+ years since its initial creation. While Alexander Graham Bell would be entirely lost looking at today’s cellular phones, Watts posited that Thomas Edison “could still work” given the lack of evolution in power transmission.


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Florida Planning World’s First Solar Powered City

Florida Planning World’s First Solar Powered City

Babcock Ranch, Florida 

What better place than the Sunshine State for the world’s first solar-powered city? Called Babcock Ranch, the 17,000-acres-large community will have its energy needs supplied by a $300 million, 75 megawatt solar-powered generator. The city will also integrate a Smart Grid for powering electric vehicles. (Pics)

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