Losing Sleep May Cause Gains in Snack Hunger

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MMMMMmmmmmmmm snacks!

You may have felt it in your stomach after a long night’s work (or play), but now you can keep it in mind. Getting a scant night’s sleep can trick you into hunger, specifically for snacks and carbohydrates.

It’s an idea that’s been circulating for some time in health circles that people getting less than seven hours of sleep each night are significantly more likely to be overweight or obese. Two recent studies back up this finding, though, with specifics on different amounts of sleep, and the resulting mini-binge the next day. In one study, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition measured how much food a group of men ate after first an eight-hour night, then just four.

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Movie Theater Popcorn And Soda Equal To Three Quarter Pounders


Sharing a small portion of cinema popcorn between two would mean each person consuming a day’s worth of saturated fat

A medium popcorn and soft drink at an American cinema is the caloric equivalent of three McDonald’s quarter pounder hamburgers topped with a dozen scoops of butter, according to a new study.


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