Peepshi are a colorful snack.

Peepshi is a snack that looks like sushi but tastes like Peeps, because it is made from Peeps and Rice Krispies. Peepshi is actually an art project, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it…

Learn how at Serious Eats.

Looking to expand your Peeps palate this Easter Sunday? There’s no place like Serious Eats to satisfy all your sugar-encrusted marshmallow needs and desires. Continuing in the grand Peeps Week tradition, here’s our offering for any occasion that calls for awesome and fun all at once: Peepshi.

The first issue. What do we call this lovechild of Easter and Japan? Peepushi? Susheep? Sadly, this is where my Asian Studies major failed to come in handy. Maybe I should have asked my adviser? Too bad his specialty is Japanese economics. Thankfully, Erin saved us from self-destruction with “Peepshi,” a term we’ll be adding to our modern Peeps lexicon.

Crisis averted, we could now move onto beheading Peeps. Yes, Peepshi will require some hard decisions, but the end results are worth it.


via Holy Kaw!