Large Forks may curb eating

mega fork

A really, really large fork will not allow you to eat at all.

People who use big forks eat less compared with diners who use small forks – but only when eating from a plate loaded with food, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City monitored customers at an Italian restaurant during two lunches and two dinners. With one of the study’s authors and two research assistants serving as waiters, the researchers assigned either large forks or small forks to certain tables…

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Digital Spoon Scale

Digital Spoon Scale 

Admetior Digital Spoon Scale 

Attention sticklers: the perfect tool for the anal-retentive chef has arrived. This Admetior Digital Spoon Scale aims to please, measuring by both volume and weight, take your pick. Or, you can eschew this digi-frivolity and wing it like my favorite chef, never using any recipes and whipping up miraculously tasty dishes every time.

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