The drugs that actually kill Americans: Infographic

There were 80,000 drug and alcohol overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s WONDER database. The database, maintained by the National Center for Health Statistics, keeps a tally of all the deaths listed on certificates nationwide. They’re classified by the ICD-10 medical coding reference system.



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TSA’s Grope and Pillage (Infographic)


TSA agent “inspecting” a passenger with his pants pulled down to proved he isn’t a terrorist.

Since 9/11, Americans have already spent over $60 billion on funding the TSA.  This infographic shows how the whole system is flawed.  There have been over 25,000 security breaches despite the increased security.  And $36 million has been wasted on devices that now sit in warehouses.

Check out the infographic to read about even more disturbing statistics:

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How Target knows when it’s shoppers are pregnant


Target tries to hook parents-to-be at that crucial moment.

You share intimate details about your consumption patterns with retailers every time you go shopping. And many of those retailers are studying those details to figure out what you like, what you need, and which coupons are most likely to make you happy. For example, Target has figured out how to data-mine its way into your womb, to figure out whether you have a baby on the way long before you need to start buying diapers.

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