Pingdom has released a variety of mind-boggling statistics on the internet in 2010.

Whether it’s email, social media or videos, the internet continues to make a huge impact on the world. But what was the world using it for?


Pingdom has released a variety of mind-boggling statistics on the internet in 2010, conveying a sense of the web’s size as well as its uses.


The internet would be nigh-on useless if there were no people making use of it. And over 1.97 billion people were using the net by June 2010. While Asia, Europe and North America led the way, it’s encouraging to see Africa garnering 110 million users.

Social networks

Growth in social networks was the big story, with over 600 million people on Facebook by the end of the year. As a result, over three billion photos were uploaded to the social network per month.

Twitter also continued to grow, with 25 billion tweets being sent, while over 100 million new accounts were added in the year.

Pictures and video

As internet speeds increase, so too does the use of bandwidth-intensive websites, as 2010 proved. And YouTube was a prime example, with two billion videos being watched every day. Video uploads were no slouch either, with 35 hours of footage being uploaded every minute. That’s 50 400 hours a day.

On the picture front, Flickr isn’t a slouch either, with over five billion images currently being hosted. Over 3000 images were also being uploaded per minute – that’s 4.3 million a day, or 130 million a month.


While social networks experienced explosive growth as predicted, email is still making a huge splash, with over 107 trillion messages sent in 2010. This equates to about 294 billion emails per day.

Of course, the majority of messages tend to be spam, but it’s still staggering when it accounted for 89 percent of all emails.