Steampunk Etch-A-Sketch

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Steampunk Beauty In Action

We love this fully functional retro etch-a-sketch made with antique parts by Reddit user HaloKitty. She cluse us in on how it came together.

“Nothing on here is hot glued or slapped together. The screen is vaccu-formed to give it that old-timey bulbous look. The outer wood frame is custom built, painted, and wet-sanded to give it that gloss. The inner brass frame was laser cut. All the bits and pieces come from old machines and fittings. Nothing came from Home Depot…

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Steampunk Mod Turns Your iMac into an ‘Old Time Computer’


iMac steampunk mod

iMac steampunk mod for the for the modern tech geek with retro sensibilities.  Old Time Computer has come up with these gorgeous handcrafted oak and brass mods.  Inflation renders these kinds of antiques pricier than their original counterparts, but you can pick up your own custom antique skin on Etsy or order yourself a full custom build. (Pics)


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Steampunk Science Museum Show at Oxford UK


Art Donovan from the Oxford University Museum of the History of Science sez, “I have been given the great honor of curating the world’s very first Museum Exhibition of Steampunk Art. Seventeen artists from seven countries- The Steampunk creators that you know best. Opening October 13, 2009 and running continually through February 21, 2010. (Pics)

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Steampunk Segway – AKA The Legway


Another way to ride!

It’s not actually powered by steam in any way, and according to the creator ‘bdring‘ it can’t really turn very well, but if you’ve been looking for an extremely cheap DIY alternative to the Segway, head on over to Instructables where you’ll find everything you need to build your very own Legway. It’s even eco-friendly since there’s no emissions (unless you count sweat) and the original model pictured above was constructed from mostly found materials.

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Akribos XXIV DaVinci Skeleton Steampunk Watch



I hesitate to call it steampunk, through the degradation of the term by people like me, but my attempts at describing it otherwise only end up being laughably convoluted loop-de-loops around the term. It reminds me very strongly of Disneyland Paris’ Space Mountain aesthetic, which is furnished after the spaceship design of Verne’s De la Terre à la Lune… all burnished brass and exposed copper cogwork. But, of course, that’s all very steampunk too.
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