Shipyard workers will be outfitted with robotic exoskeletons to give them superhuman strength

robotic suit

Shipyard workers in South Korea will wear robotic exosckeletons.

AT a sprawling shipyard in South Korea, workers building the world’s biggest ships could be wearing robotic exoskeletons to lug around 100-kilogram hunks of metal as if they’re nothing.



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Complex Composite Materials to Order

composite polymer material 1234

A sample of a co-continuous polymer composite material.

A team of researchers at MIT has found a way to make complex composite materials whose attributes can be fine-tuned to give various desirable combinations of properties such as stiffness, strength, resistance to impacts and energy dissipation.

The key feature of the new composites is a “co-continuous” structure of two different materials with very different properties, creating a material combining aspects of both. The co-continuous structure means that the two interleaved materials each form a kind of three-dimensional lattice whose pieces are fully connected to each other from side to side, front to back, and top to bottom…

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The Newest in Bulletproof Tech: T-Shirts

 bulletproof t-shirts 234

Scientists have developed a way to make T-shirt fabric reinforced with boron carbide, which is the same material used to strengthen military tanks. Boron carbide has a hardness just short of diamonds. Imagine that strength in a regular lightweight shirt!

To turn cotton bulletproof, researchers from the University of South Carolina and their collaborators from China and Switzerland dipped sections of regular T-shirts (Fig 1a) in a special mix of nickel and borate. After allowing the cotton to absorb the mix for 2 hours (Fig 1b), the textile was dried quickly in an oven and cured at a high temperature for 3 hours. Once ready, the pieces of cotton were placed in a furnace and headed at 1160°C for 4 hours while continuously aerated with argon. Finally, the resulting fabric pieces (Fig 1c) were cooled and analyzed using electron microscopes and a barrage of strength tests.

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Naked Man In Taxi-Lifting Adventure



It all began when the nude man stopped the taxi by running out into the street in front of traffic.

As the perplexed driver got out of the car to see what was going on, the naked man grabbed the vehicle’s bumper and tried – without much success – to lift it off the ground. As a crowd of puzzled onlookers gathered to watch the spectacle, the man continued in his efforts to lift the car. Eyewitnesses reported that he would sometimes shout ‘please give me strength!’ as he struggled with the taxi…

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Men With Big Muscles Are 40% Less Likely To Die From Cancer

Men With Big Muscles Are 40% Less Likely To Die From Cancer

Men who pump iron are 40% less likely to die from cancer than men who do not pump iron

Men with stronger muscles from regular weight training are up to 40 per cent less likely to die from cancer than men who do not pump iron, according to new research.  The findings, by an international team of researchers, suggest muscular strength is as important as staying slim and eating healthily when it comes to protecting the body against deadly tumors.

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Review: Management by Strengths Boot Camp

 Review:  Management by Strengths Boot Camp

 Cate Lawrence speaking at the recent Management by Strengths Boot Camp

Raymond Alvarez:  Color me direct.  Ever wonder why some people react in unexpected ways to your communications – or maybe on reflection, your style was completely misinterpreted?

Cate Lawrence, founder of Lawrence Research Associates, recalls a personal confrontation in which a co-worker had accused her of everything from acting behind his back to conspiring to get him fired. Lawrence conducted a work session on Saturday (Jan. 24, 2009) at the University of Colorado’s Wolf Law Building in front of about 30 men and women from all professional walks.


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Balance Chair To Strengthen Your Butt

Balance Chair 

Balance Chair

I think most of us have some inequalities in our sidedness. For example, my left leg is stronger than my right leg, and my right arm is stronger than my left arm. I can see close better with my right eye… and so on. But honestly, untill now, I never thought about the strength of my right butt cheek versus my left butt cheek.

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Shooting Watch That Helps Build Finger Power


When An Invention Comes Along Like This One Don’t You Think Its Time To Put The Joystick Down

In light of recent economic woes not everyone has $300-$400 bucks to shell out for the latest gaming console, but that doesn’t mean you catch shell out some pennies to hone your skills on your existing system. For those on a budget, the Shooting Watch allows you to indulge your gaming fetish while showing off some obscure Japanese tech re-issued from the 80s.

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Stretching Before Exercising Actually Weakens Muscles

Stretching Before Exercising Actually Weakens Muscles

This whole ritual may have been a big lie

Back in grade school you were probably taught the importance of warm-up exercises, and it’s likely you’ve continued with pretty much the same routine ever since. Science, however, has moved on. Researchers now believe that some of the more entrenched elements of many athletes’ warm-up regimens are not only a waste of time but are actually bad for you.

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Growing Natural Crystal Furniture

Growing Natural Crystal Furniture 

Tokujin Yoshioka’s chair made from growing natural crystals will headline the exhibition Second Nature opening on the 17th in Tokyo this month. The Venus chair builds on his earlier work such as Honey-pop (2001) which used a honeycombed paper structure to obtain it’s strength and the Pane chair (2006) made of a translucent spongy material called polyester elastomer. The Venus chair is grown in a tank, the production process half controlled by Yoshioka and half left up to nature.

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