Once again Government’s fuzzy math is confusing the true cost of college

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College is stressful enough without being blindsided by the true cost of attending

Many of the students now applying to U.S. colleges and universities have almost no idea what it will really cost to go there, if they get accepted. Save the jokes about these kids needing to do their homework. This is not the fault of prospective students—or their families.

If transparent pricing is the key to a healthy market, the U.S. higher education industry should be in an iron lung. Sticker prices for university tuition and fees have surged roughly 1,200 percent since 1978, far outpacing the overall 280 percent inflation over the same period. The average cost of a year of private school tuition is $25,000, with the full cost of many top schools topping $60,000.

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Student Loan STDs

student loan stds

Student loans are very risky and can be contagious.

Before you engage in risky grad school enrollment, remember that you run a high risk of contracting a student loan. And once you’ve come down with one of those, it’s almost impossible to clean up.

If this applies to you, your partner, or you just like laughing about horrible indebtedness, full video after jump…

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