Fone Fling Fashion – A Unique Way to Carry a Cell Phone Next to Your Body

Fone Fling Fashion

Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

A unique way for cell phone users to have their cell phone snug and secure, plus continue on with business as usual. Having your cell phone next to your body is not only convenient, but wouldn’t the world be more peaceful place without the sound of cell phones ringing.  Plus, you don’t have to miss a call from your loved ones and you can carry on with business as usual. (PICS)


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Real Life ‘Edward Scissorhands’

edwardo scissor hands
A Funky New Hair Styler
A stylist has emulated Edward Scissorhands by inventing a set of razor sharp ‘clawz’ which he claims will revolutionize hair cutting. Valentino LoSauro says his devices cut hair twice as fast as normal scissors.

Mr LoSauro spent two years and £150,000 developing his invention. “The idea came to me in the late 90’s,” he said. I am a pianist as well as a hairdresser and wanted to combine that light fingered touch with my styling. (Pics)

Trendy And Fashionable Creative Lashes

Trendy And Fashionable Creative Lashes 

Thinking of fashion and trends, I got thinking that ultimately it is the ‘whole’ look that makes an impact…a fab dress, great shoes, right accessories, they all fail to make create magic by themselves. It’s only when they complement each other that a person looks good. And accessories go a long way in adding a dash of style to any outfit.

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Women Judge Men By Their Text Messages

Women Judge Men By Their Text Messages 

Here’s a little tip for men: It’s not your chat up lines that will make the ladies flock to your side, but your texting prowess. According to a new poll, men whose texts are both witty and wise are the one most likely to get the thumbs up from those lovely ladies. And if you think that this is all hogwash, well then you better think again for as it turns out, more than three in four women are likely to judge a man character simply by the way he sends his text messages.

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