Motorized fin gives surfers a boost


The Boost Surfing Fin temporarily replaces a third-party board’s existing fin, via an included adapter

Surfers use up a lot of energy, both paddling out to the lineups where the waves roll in, and then paddling even harder to catch one of those waves. The Boost Surfing Fin is designed to help, by giving users … well, an electric boost.

Developed by California-based Boost Surfing, the Fin non-permanently replaces a third-party board’s existing fin. It’s made of a combination of ABS plastic and fiberglass, tipping the scales at a claimed 1.7 lb (771 g).

When users want a boost, they activate the Fin’s brushless 800-watt motor via a board-mounted or wrist-mounted wireless remote. That motor responds by putting out up to 20 lb (9 kg) of thrust – this takes the board to a top speed of 11 mph (18 km/h) for either eight or 20 seconds, depending on the selected boost length. Plans call for sensors to shut off the motor if the user falls off the board, so it won’t continue on without them.

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