Abod – tiny houses that can be built in a day


One billion people of the world’s population lives in informal communities – sometimes known as shantytowns, tent cities or, if you’re really going for the jugular, slums. Doug Sharp, president and chairman of BSB Design, came up with a tiny, inexpensive home for slum dwellers that can be built in less than one day by one family. (Pics)



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The $5 lamp that is powered solely by gravity


There are currently over 1.5 billion people in the World who have no reliable access to mains electricity. These people rely, instead, on biomass fuels (mostly kerosene) for lighting once the sun goes down. GravityLight is a sustainable lighting solution powered by gravity. (Pics)



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If you are looking for a new startup idea, try farming

Sustainable farming, which often ties into organic growing, has been reaping profits.

Last week, in an auditorium at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, startup companies sought out investors to help take their ideas to the next level. This wasn’t a tech conference. Venture capitalists were here to check out sustainable farming.



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