‘Talking Cars’ Someday May Save Lives


 The systems are still five to 10 years from being deployed into America’s car fleet.

Could “talking cars” save lives?  A group of car companies is developing safety systems using advanced Wi-Fi signals and GPS systems that could allow vehicles to communicate with each other on the road. The cars could then send messages to warn their drivers about potential crashes.


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EU Reserves a Frequency For Talking Cars

EU Reserves a Frequency For Talking Cars

 If cars can talk, exactly what will they say to each other?

The European Commission has recently decided to reserve, across Europe, part of the radio spectrum for smart vehicle communications systems. The decision is part of the Commission’s overall fight against road accidents and traffic jams, and the hope is that vehicles’ developers will create wireless communication technology that will allow cars to ‘talk’ to other cars and to the road infrastructure providers.

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